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We are a collection of individuals with wide ranging interests and experiences who’ve come together to create a streamlined, one-stop shopping center for all airsoft and R/C toy enthusiasts. Our aim is to concentrate on both types of products equally, offering not only a wide variety and selection with dedicated customer service but also providing general and specific information on anything R/C and airsoft related.

Our inventory is truly all-encompassing. We make it a point to carry products of various price and quality, instead of concentrating only on high end products. We believe that offering a larger selection and conveying honest and clear information on the product, we can allow the customer to make a choice that is right for them. Bottom line is, we trust our customers, we like them and we want them to have the best experience we could possibly offer.


Airsoft Guns:

At the moment our airsoft selection is perhaps the largest. Whether you’re looking for a starter spring pistol or a rifle for some regular weekend fun with friends, or a top of the line AEG (Airsoft Electric Gun) for a serious airsoft rendezvous, you’ve come to the right place. As mentioned above, we don’t simply concentrate on the high end products; however, we do have a full range of products from top quality manufacturers like H&K, Lancer Tactical, Classic Army, ICS, TSD, JG, Palco and G&G, among others. The airsoft guns, electric airsoft rifles and accessories from these brands are truly the best in the market. Any airsoft enthusiast will certainly find exactly what they’re looking for in our store.


If you’re an amateur airsofter, taking an interest in the sport, then we have you covered as well. We’re stocked with a full assortment of mid to lower price products from CYMA, WELL, Double Eagle, YIKA, Both Elephant, HTC, UHC and others. If you’re looking for a cheap airsoft gun or rifle, these are the perfect alternatives for you. To further ensure that we keep our promise of offering a one-stop experience we also provide all the accessories you would ever need:


Safety Equipment

  • Vests
  • Goggles
  • Helmets
  • Elbow and Knee Pads


Spare Parts and other accessories

  • Magazines
  • Scopes
  • Lasers
  • Batteries
  • CO2 and green gas
  • Speed Loaders


And of course we have BB’s and pellets of different sizes, diameters, weight, material and color. We will also periodically add information and instruction guides and reviews/previews on the site, so make sure to check back for any updates.


RC Cars and Helicopters:

While our airsoft selection is the largest, our RC selection isn’t that far behind. At AirsoftRC we firmly believe in unleashing your inner child, and to make it easier for you, we offer RC versions of any vehicle you can think of, be it airborne, ground or aquatic. Some of the more famous brands we carry are SYMA, Carrera, Maisto, Velocity Toys, Double Horse and RASTAR.


We carry different size replicas of many of the popular cars of various makes and models. Many of our RC cars are highly detailed, realistic, and officially licensed models. Some are great for maneuvering around self-made obstacle courses, others can be used for speed competition, and yet some can be used simply as decoration. The decision is entirely up to you. One of our popular sellers is the RC drift car (different makes and models available). These wonderful cars come with interchangeable tire types to allow you to switch between regular driving mode and drifting mode. In addition we also carry products that are great for children. Fun little RC fire trucks and police cars, with moving components and lights and sounds can provide hours of entertainment. Our transforming toys are especially fun. Very cool looking concept vehicles turn into projectile-launching little robots at moment’s notice. Once again our inventory covers all price ranges.


RC Helicopters have become quite popular in the last few years and to meet customer demands we always carry a full assortment. We have everything from small indoor models to very large outdoor RC helicopters. Some are custom designs while others are RC replicas of their real world counterparts. In addition we have RC airplanes and very cool RC UFO’s and futuristic looking RC flying machines. All models come in different rechargeable battery types, most of them are 3-channel and up, and many are equipped with GYRO to give the user a more stabilized flight experience. We also provide a selection of spare parts for our RC products, including helicopter blades, batteries and battery chargers. It is our goal to ultimately offer upgrades on many of the models we carry in our inventory. Don’t forget to check our site for helpful hints and information as well. We intend to have instructions and detailed descriptions on correct battery and model maintenance, tips on how to master your flight control, and reviews and previews of existing and upcoming models.

In summation:

Our goal is to make AirsoftRC a trusted name in online hobby and toy retail and we can only achieve this goal with your help. Our inventory is in a constant state of change, and we add and remove products based on customer feedback. It is very important for us to hear from you, the customer. Please come back periodically, browse our selection, let us know what you think, suggest products, write reviews, etc, etc. Your opinion is the most valuable resource for us.



Are Adults Falling in Love with Toys?

According to the Korean Times they are. They call it the Kidult market and this market continues to grow with deep-pocketed affluent consumers. Toys have always been dear to many adults, especially actions figures that they grew up with. These adults just never let go and sometimes end up with impressive collections. And what’s wrong with that? But in Asia this trend has picked up in the last few years. As the quality and life like toys coming on the market, “these kids at heart” adults are buying them at record pace. The internet is probably fueling this trend as we can now find the hottest and latest products hitting the market within minutes right from our computers. Here is an interesting article written by Park Si soo:




New Walking Dead Toys

Want to make your kids very happy campers today? Just go out and buy them the new Walking Dead toy set from McFarlane Toys. We are predicting this will be a hit this year with boys and young adults.

They really are awesome because they look so real. And the prison tower set is very life like. The only problem with this lego type toy set is the action figures are fairly delicate compared to your standard lego figures. And expansion is limited. But for display and delicate handling the set is still great. You can’t beat how life like they are. Hats off to McFarlane Toys!



Toys have always been with us



Most young mammals have been observed to play with whatever they can find, turning such things as pinecones, rocks, or food as toys. It is simply a sense of being alive, and toys are as old as human civilization itself history. Toys and games have been found on the sites of ancient civilizations (children’s graves, headstones Greek). They have been described in some of our oldest written literature. The first toys were made from materials found in nature, such as rocks, sticks, and clay.

Toys from the excavations of the civilization of the Indus Valley (-3000, -1000 BC) are small carts, whistles shaped like birds, monkeys and toys that could drag on string1 . In the excavations of the city of Susa (II millennium BC) were found in the tombs of princes toddler toys miniature skateboards limestone and bitumen, lions and hedgehogs, doll heads terracotta face clown and some of which are at the base of the neck holes to attach to clothing and set heads on roughly façonnés body. There are thousands of years, Egyptian children played with dolls that wear wigs and movable limbs stone, ceramic or bois.

In Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, children played with dolls of wax or terracotta, sticks and yo-yos, boys play more specifically to make bows and arrows or chariot races. Since ancient times, predetermined roles are distributed by gender, reproducing ancestraux stereotypes. Toys are primarily offered during the Christmas season (Saturnalia Anthesteria) . When Greek children, especially girls, grow, it is customary for them to sacrifice the toys of their childhood to the gods. On the eve of their wedding, young girls around fourteen offered their dolls in a temple as a rite of passage to adulthood. Similarly, small Roman boys playing with nuts, were to “take off” .

Few toys remain before the nineteenth century, suggesting that they were few and only reserved for children of nobles and wealthy families. Yet historical sources (inventories of Parisian archives revealing 500,000 wholesaler  toy shops in 1782) suggest otherwise.

As technology changed and civilization progressed, toys also changed. While ancient toys were made from materials found in nature like stone, wood, and grass modern toys are often made of plastic, textiles, and plastics. The old toys were often made by the parents and families of children who have used, or the children themselves. Modern toys, in contrast, are often mass-produced and sold in stores.

This change in the nature of toys is exemplified by the changes that have taken place in one of the oldest and most universal of human toys: dolls. The earliest were simple dolls and sculptures in wood and grass packets. Egyptian dolls were sometimes attached so that their members could move realistically. Early 1800s and the Industrial Revolution that marks the golden age of the toy, there were dolls that could say “mama”. Today, there are dolls that can recognize and identify objects, the voice of their owner, and choose from hundreds of pre-programmed sentences to speak. The materials from manufacturing toys have changed, but not the fact that children play with toys.

25 Most Ridiculous Toys Ever Concieved

Some are silly, some are strange, some are offensive, and some are actually sort of cool. These are the 25 most ridiculous toys ever conceived.

Little Mermaid Ariel COLOR CHANGE Dolls

DisneyCarToys Color Changing Little Mermaid Ariel and her sisters Bath Toys with the Ariel’s World The Little Mermaid Playset and The Little Mermaid Sisters Color Change bath dolls. The Ariel’s sisters color changers set includes mermaid sisters: Andrina, Aquata, Attina, Ariel, Alana, Adella and Arista. DisneyCarToys puts the Little Mermaid Sisters all in the pool to change colors. With “The Little Mermaid Playset” Ariel and her mermaid sisters can slide to make their mermaid sea shell tops change colors with cold and hot watter. The mermaid dolls can sit in the little pool. This Little Mermaid Bath toy is fun and reminds me of the songs in the Little Mermaid movie.